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That's what we call true size! It is just what describes our new MAXNOMIC® TITANUS chairs of the XL-SERIES best.

It generously offers lots of space combined with super athletic looks. The contrast between the black faux-leather and the orange-coloured appliqués with matching seams will win you over in no time!

As all chairs belonging to the MAXNOMIC® XL-SERIES, our TITANUS ORANGE comes not only with an ultra stable steel frame but also with additional strengthenings, an extremely resilient gas spring, an intensified tilt mechanism and to make sure everything is robust:
A strengthened 31.5‘‘-diameter (80 cm) star base! (Standard star bases are only available with a maximum diameter of 27.6‘‘ (70 cm))
This huge star base has been especially developed for our XL-SERIES and it is only available in combination with these chairs.



You will get a handy head cushion as well as an extra large lumbar cushion with each purchase.

• Very comfortable
• Velvety outer material (Nicki fabric)
• Embroidered MAXNOMIC® logo
• Anti-slip coating on the back of the head cushion
• Washable

Additional information: The lumbar cushion (for optional use) cannot be fastened to the backrest but loosely placed in the backrest area if needed.



The XL-SERIES chairs come in two packages! (The chair base will be boxed separately)



Please note the dimensions and the different gas springs of our XL-SERIES chairs BEFORE placing your order – especially the height of the seat!
The chairs of the XL-SERIES are NOT suitable for persons smaller than 1.90m (6‘2‘‘) with the "LARGE" gas spring!



Sitting Height: 55 cm (21.65‘‘) – 65 cm (25.59‘‘) & height adjustment + / - ca. 10 cm (3.94‘‘) GAS SPRING LARGE; 52 cm (20.47‘‘) – 62 cm (24.41‘‘) & height adjustment +/- ca. 10 cm (3.94‘‘)  GAS SPRING MEDIUM; 48 cm (18.90‘‘) – 53 cm (20.87‘‘) & height adjustment +/- 5 cm (1.97‘‘) GAS SPRING SMALL

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